Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our first hive is queenless and what we are doing about it.

The Queen bee in a hive is shaped different than the female worker and Drones. She doesn't like light so if the hive opens she will go down into the hive. Queen bees are marked to help beekeepers identify them. If you have to purchase a queen bee for your hive she runs around $30.00 . Many beekeepers like to sell queen bees for profit. A hive will only have one queen. We purchased a nuc ( like a mini hive ) to get started in our beekeeping we were really disappointed to find out we are queenless and our hive is suffering as a result. We had what is called a queen cell but it was empty. Fortunately for us we located someone in our area who will sell us another nuc and a queen which should be ready this week. Those of you that are beekeepers know the seriousness of the situation of this situation as bees die off rapidly and new ones come in as the queen lays eggs. So guess what will happen to our hive if we don't get  a queen? Bees can only live a few weeks so our hive is about a month old so we are in panic mold but the good news is we are very close to a new nuc and a new queen which may be here in time and will lay more eggs and help us rescue the dying hive. Being in Upstate New York we had to travel about a hour or so to Canandaigua through beautiful windy roads in the  countryside to get our first hive. To get our next hive we will be traveling to the Syracuse area to get that 2nd hive and a queen.  There are not a lot of beekeepers here in New York. When we got our actual hives we had to travel too and found a beautiful couple that sold us a nice hive it was so nice we went back and got a second one! They too, will be hopefully selling bees  next year. It is good to make lots of contacts if you are doing bees so that if you need help you will have some friends to help you out so you can grow your hives. Our primary purpose for our bees is for training and to help others and not to be in the business of bees but rather to preserve the bees and to help to keep them alive and well in the USA . 

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