Friday, August 24, 2018

Baking a cake in my new #AirFryer and more!

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So today was a typical day for me.. not much work on the beehives. One of the reason I love beekeeping.. it doesn't take up an enormous amount of my time. There have been hives that have been ignored for 10 years .. of course they don't get the honey or growth but all said... I cooked all day today. Made my Best Cole Slaw On the Planet  followed by baking cakes in the air fryer. Super easy just take a cake mix and buy very very small pans . Divide the mix up into two cakes. It came out beautiful! But for me it did take 30 minutes each so it actually took longer than one big cake in the oven but hey it was fun! Then I coated my thawed out Chicken with egg and chicken breading  put that in the fryer Cooked for approx a hour.. TA DA! Fried chicken..and was delish! - Unfortunately it wasn't done as the same time as the carrots and scalloped potatoes so the cold chicken will be for lunch tomorrow. It seems like the air fryer doesn't save time. However it seems easier go figure? - You can comment to me on twitter @R47R or instragram @RuthieandClayPople and tell me if you are experiencing the same thing?Anyways.. Clay and I are are both on a diet so we were full after the veggies. In between I was running around entering my sweepstakes and blogging. All day I felt like a princess as my  husband dyed my hair blonde this morning so I felt like a million bucks all day! I took time to pet all 7 of my new kittens who are meowing like crazy now for their 2 moms, who never know or care whose babies they are nursing. Took a LONG 3 hour nap. Woke up and had a nice talk with my mom and also receive a beautiful long letter from a member of my family today. I do get lonely for my family who live too far to see daily. Watched some really.. really old movies 1940's. It is smart to watch Happy things rather than all the sad things, I write this as I am listening to a talk show about the news.. hmm.. (can't change the channel on my husband.. but we are well informed) With that back to my blogging and sweeps and my last cup of coffee for the day. Thought you may find it fun to hear about a typical day. :) And as far as the Honey.. and bees I am hoarding the last 10 jars of honey.. sooo good I put it in everything. Nothing like raw honey. 

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fun thoughts on the Honey.... #BEEKEEPING from the beekeepers

Honey contains all the products to keep you alive and healthy. - Eat a spoonful of honey a day.

Honey- clears the skin 

Honey is a cleanser, moisturizer, put honey on your skin and you will get a hydration that lasts longer.

If you want a exfoliate add baking soda and put on face and wash away.

Honey helps you to loose weight. - Honey boosts your metabolism! fiber, protein and water not empty calories!

warm water honey and cinnamon - a great healthy drink!

Helps to lower cholestrol and has no cholestrol in it at all.

Helps you to have a stronger heart. - drinking a glass of honey with 4 tablespoons of honey!

Dark honey is better

Honey can help fight stress and improves your memory

Eat one or tow minutes before meals for weight

helps you to sleep 

Eat on a empty stomach - destroys germs -- helps to keep a healthy stomach

helps with indigestion 

Relieves nervous tension! - for those with anxiety and physcological disorders

honey and garlic combo - boost your immune system. mix in a jar - infuse for a few days and take a 
few times.

---  Must always be eatten in moderation - too much honey is bad for you.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Making Nuc Boxes the smart way #BEES #SWEEPSTAKES

Stepping up our game this year in our beekeeping we decided that it would be smart to make some affordable nuc boxes as we are getting ready to do splits with the bees.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Clipping the Bees Wings

     Beekeeper Ruthie talks ... clipping bees wings... 
Image result for clipped queen bee wing  I know it sounds funny to clip a bees wings.. but that is a practice of some master beekeepers to keep the queen from leaving with half the hive in a swarm. What happens is this the bees may still swarm but return because the queen is staying. It is not cruel as it is like cutting the hair or nails. If the queen leaves she won't be traveling far and you will easily find the queen.

For my readers who are not beekeepers .. how the beekeeper keeps his hive in order is to keep track of the queen she rules everything with the bees they will go wherever she is. If you have a angry hive.. get a new queen. There is only room for one queen too as in swarming a new queen will hatch out and rarely will the queen allow any other royalty to live in her kingdom. She will attack and kill any other queens in her hive. Swarming is when the hive gets crowded. The queen will leave with half the hive to find a new home. The other half will hatch out a new queen who is living in a queen cell . She will mate with the drones and start a new hive. Beekeepers never want them to swarm as they want to keep their bees and start the colony in the bee yard. The bee yard is the place where beekeepers keep all their bees. Each new hive makes more honey and other products for the beekeeper. Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby. Check us out on you tube by clicking our you tube button to see us working with our hives. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Great for a quick hang up for any bee related products the #BONITAGLOBAL clothesline!

 Blue Colour Bonita Clothes Line DelightTo order yours go to

There are lots of items I hate putting in the dryer and sometimes I just love the smell of my clothes in the fresh air. Bonita global has a great product. It is the the retractable clothesline. Here are a few of the great benefits 

- Sunlight resistant line
- It can be removed when not in use
- 50 ft of drying space and more!

I love this product  - It really helps to have this handy product to help my laundry work to be easier. 

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